viernes, 20 de marzo de 2009

Obama Pressed to Increase Global Water Aid

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In his inauguration speech in January, U.S. President Barack
Obama mentioned four words that lifted the hearts of water advocates worldwide:
"Let clean water
Although Obama has proposed doubling U.S. spending
on foreign aid, his new budget, released last month, offers few details on
whether the additional funding will support his inaugural vow, especially in
the face of a debilitating financial crisis.
Despite global economic uncertainty, sitting and former U.S. members of Congress heightened their calls
for Obama to support water aid in the developing world as politicians and water
experts gathered for the 5th World
Water Forum
in Turkey
this past week.
Illinois Senator Richard Durbin announced new legislation on
Tuesday that would "reestablish U.S. leadership
on water around the world." The bill would authorize funds to support
water development and sanitation technologies.
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